About Us

I am an active Forex and Synthetic trader, I have been in the forex trading business for more than a decade and I have had my share of blown accounts until I decided to let go of those fancy indicators to first learn market psychology, price action, and market structure.

Forexbrainbox articles are intentionally designed to filter the noise and make the complex simple so that beginners in the forex market are better informed on how the market actually works.

Forex traders may have differences in the ways they analyze the forex market, however, one pivotal principle every experienced forex trader holds on to is the principles that surround the forex market which all sum up in the forex market structure.

My honest advice for any forex trader especially beginners; before you go around looking for a perfect trading indicator, first pay attention to forex market psychology.

Trust me, I know how it hurts to continuously be on the losing side, this is why I have tried my best to make my article as simple as possible with the truths I know about trading and I hope you find what you are looking for.

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Good luck trading.