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Prop firms have revolutionized Forex trading and created a more favorable environment for traders looking to raise large amounts of capital.

Prop firms do, however, present a distinct set of guidelines and difficulties that novice traders must overcome to obtain access to these capital sources.

But even with the abundance of prop firms serving traders, there remains a clear void in the prop firm market when it comes to “prop firm for synthetic indices.”

This disparity led my colleagues and myself to put in a great deal of time and effort into in-depth investigation.

With great pleasure, I announce to you that we have uncovered something extremely important: a chance to trade synthetic indices by signing up with the prop firm I will shortly be introducing.

This is a significant move in the right direction, giving traders a new channel to investigate and diversify their investment ideas.

We are thrilled to offer you this exceptional opportunity, which will close the gap in the prop firm market and give you access to the fascinating world of synthetic indices.


FT9ja synthetic prop Firm

FT9ja is a Nigerian Prop firm that offers synthetic trading for Deriv synthetic indices, they offer up to $50,000 and 80% profit weekly or monthly split after the first 10 days of trading.

They offer a no time limit to achieve a 25% profit target.

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One thing that sets Ft9a prop firm apart is the Naija happens feature which means you get a second chance free of charge when you don’t pass the first Prop firm challenge on their platform.

You can quickly sign up with the referrer code FTca9c1a8 to check out their challenge offers.


How to Trade Boom and Crash PDF


Prop firm for synthetic indices

At the time of writing this article, there are only two prop firms that offer Synthetic indices and they are called Consummate Traders and FT9ja.

Consummate traders prop firm only offer synthetic indices that are only available with Kwakol Market while FT9ja offers synthetic indices on Deriv.

The Indices are called: dump, Moon, Power, and swift. It is possible that in the future more indices will be added to kwakol markets as a trading instrument.


Consummate Trader synthetic Prop Firm

Retail traders can attain financial freedom with the help of Consummate Traders, a private trading organization that offers traders access to large trading capital.

With Consummate Traders, you can trade more than a thousand instruments, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and much more.

Consummate trader prop firm offers a wide variety of options for both forex, synthetic, and EA accounts.

They offer up to $400,000 evaluation challenges with zero minimum trading days, unlimited trading duration, and a monthly and weekly payout option.

At the time of writing this article, consummate traders prop firm offers synthetic indices from kwakol market alone.


At the time of writing, the only prop firm offering access to Deriv synthetic indices is FT9ja. FT9ja offers traders looking for capital to enter the Deriv synthetic indices space a strong chance.

All it takes to access significant funds intended to support your synthetic trading activities is to register and pass their assessment.

FT9ja’s exclusive offering distinguishes it from other prop firms in the market by giving traders a synthetic trading option to leverage the potential of Deriv synthetic indices.


Maven Trading Prop Firm

Maven is the easiest prop firm to trade with; with Maven you can unlock your full trading potential with their unique account reset features, lowest spread, and no time limits.

Maven prop firm offers a 1-step and 2-step challenge option.

Maven offers a payout every 14 days with at least 1% simulated profit in your account.

Sign up for Maven

A quick summary of what Maven offers:

  • Maximum trading days: Infinite
  • Overall drawdown: Max Drawdown (Trailing) (6%)
  • Daily drawdown: Balance Based
  • Minimum profit split: 80%
  • Minimum trading days: 0
  • Payout Frequency: 14
  • News trading
  • Expert advisors
  • Weekend holding
  • Unique buyback feature


CFDPropFirm is a vibrant and forward-thinking prop trading company that focuses on trading contracts for difference (CFD) products such as cryptocurrencies, forex, and synthetics (as opposed to derivative synthetic indices).  

CFD prop firms provide experienced traders with the chance to trade with CFD funds to use their expertise to turn a significant profit. These funds are available after passing the challenge.

CFD offers three packed packages namely: Evaluation, Executive, and exclusive.

Each is designed to meet the trader’s needs.

To gain access to CFD funds, you can register and learn more about CFD Prop Firm.


As of the time of writing, FT9ja is the sole Nigerian prop firm providing both Forex and synthetic indices trading opportunities.

What sets them apart is their exclusive offering of Deriv synthetic indices, a distinctive feature in the industry.

Moreover, FT9ja stands out by providing traders with a no-fee second chance challenge, ensuring that even if you encounter setbacks in your initial attempt, you have another opportunity to prove your trading prowess and secure access to their capital.

This unique combination of services makes FT9ja an exceptional choice for traders seeking a diverse and supportive platform to explore both traditional Forex and the exciting realm of synthetic indices.


No, NFP does not affect Deriv synthetic indices because; the exclusive synthetics developed by Deriv replicate actual market fluctuations.

These indexes, which are unaffected by conventional market hours, world events, and market and liquidity issues, are accessible for trading around the clock and are supported by a cryptographically safe random number generator.

There is Love in Sharing!

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